Release 3.6.4

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Release 3.6.4

Postby Rob Penn » Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:38 am

3.6.4 Key Enhancements:

Page copy/paste: This feature now works between lessons not just with a single lesson. To copy a page, select the page in the cast and click the copy icon. Alternatively, you can go to the Page Sequence window, select a page, then click the copy icon in the Page Sequence window. This will save the copied page to your clipboard like any other copied object, which you can paste into another lesson.

Flow Chart copy/paste: Sections of the Flow Chart can be copied and pasted. To copy a section of the flow chart, select the left most node, then click the copy icon in the Flow Chart. All nodes to the right of the selected node will be copied.

Flow Chart zoom: Shows a zoom-out view of the Flow Chart so that all nodes are visible without using scrollers.

Flow Chart loop icon: Toggles all loop indicators on and off.

Validation of Action List:
Actions turn red when an object used in the action has been deleted to indicate a possible problem with the action logic.

Variable auto-casting:
Object values can be set using any variable type (text, number, True False). This can reduce the number of actions required to perform a task. For example, you can create a response to go to a bookmarked page without first storing the SCORM bookmark (a text value) into a number variable.

Server Communication object: Enables users to pass data to a server by specifying the server url and name/value parameters.

Translation window: Streaming SWF objects are now supported in the translation window. Also, the file names of graphics and streaming SWF objects are now displayed in the translation window.

New Page Controller method: getTotalPages method added. This enables users to create custom page navigators that include page “x of y” displays in addition to back and next buttons.

Input text object: Default values and number formatting options has been added. Default values are shown in gray and disappear when the input field has focus. Capability to turn off fill and border has been added.

Export to Excel: Cell format in Excel changed to enable large text blocks to be displayed as text rather than hash marks (#).

Key Bug Fixes:

Translation window: Media were not visible in the translation window.

Video objects: The video object would not re-play if it was is shown, hidden, and re-shown.

Action folders: When action folders are included in templates, there could be side effects to the existing actions on the page to which the template is being applied. For example, actions in the existing folders might be erased.
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