Release 3.5.2

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Release 3.5.2

Postby Leif » Fri May 25, 2007 6:36 pm

Key enhancements

1. Flash SDK Object – The Flash SDK (Software Development Kit) Object enables Flash developers to create custom objects that plug into the SmartBuilder authoring framework and runtime engine to expand the functionality, variety, and quality of content that can be authored in SmartBuilder.

2. SCORM 2004 support – Lessons and courses can now be can be packaged for compliance with SCORM 2004 standards and specifications. SCORM 1.2 is still available as an export option.

3. Recycle bin – Enables users to recover published content that has been deleted. Please note that deleted work-in-progress lessons or courses are not archived in the recycle bin.

4. Improved flow chart usability – The graphics for the end and action nodes in the flow chart have been changed to be more intuitive.

5. Expose the “Start Visible” property for displays – Previously, users had to select the parent display set in the cast in order to adjust this property.

6. Default display objects – A background shape has been added as a default object, and the default text now displays the default name of the display (e.g. “Text for Display 3”)

Key bug fixes:

1. The trigger used to continue to the next display in the flow chart wasn’t always firing properly.
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