SmartBuilder Version 3.7 release notes

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SmartBuilder Version 3.7 release notes

Postby Leif » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:04 pm

  • New templating system – Our major enhancement in this release, you can now edit and link templates to enable synching with the source template. Additional documentation around this new feature will be included in the User Guide by July 24th. Additionally, we will hold a free tutorial webinar Thursday July 24th at 1 pm EST. Please confirm your interest in attending by sending an email to info AT suddenlysmart DOT com.
  • Device font support – The text selection menu now includes a device font category. Device fonts rely on the fonts installed on the learner's computer. The advantage of device fonts are that they tend to be a bit crisper than embedded Flash fonts, and they do not increase the file size of the lesson, which is especially useful for double byte fonts such as Chinese which can be large. The disadvantage of device fonts vs. embedded fonts is that they will not appear exactly the same on all learner's computers. The appearance will be affected by the learners' screen resolution and by the fonts that they have installed on their PC.
  • Thumbnail page sequencer – After previewing a page, a snapshot will be generated in the page sequencer so that you can sort pages using both it’s name and thumbnail image.
  • Launch in tab – A new launch window allows you to choose whether you want to pop SmartBuilder full screen or within your active browser tab.
  • Improved widget selection – Insert Flash SDK objects (e.g. menu, email, volume controller objects) directly from the Object toolbar.
  • Added getSelectionCount() for CheckBoxGroup object – Determine how many items within a Checkbox object have been selected.
  • Added getOptionText(idx) for CheckBoxGroup, RadioButtonGroup and DropDownList – Get the text for a given answer option.
  • Common property editing – Multi-select objects and change their common properties all at once.
  • Create sets/displays directly from Flow Chart – Directly create both sets and displays from the object selection list within the Flow Chart.
  • New download option: offline delivery – Automatically create an .hta launch file to prevent off-line flash security warnings.
Bug fixes:
  • Flow copy/paste does not lose actions
  • Large font loading problem solved
  • Timeline onEnd method fixed
  • Various fixes for the Drag and Drop object
  • Out of bound index numbers will no longer break the Page Controller.goToPage function
  • Timeline audio continuation on a page change has been resolved
  • Auto-casting numbers problem resolved
  • Refresh button no longer disappears after doing a pre-view outside Authoring Stage
  • Logo loading progress call now triggers at 100%
  • Text handler function is properly calling linkHandler
  • All audio from a page is properly terminated before a page change.
  • Action delay (8 seconds) on conflicting actions has been resolved.
  • Translation course manifest file generation updated.
  • Translation lesson download directory structure corrected.
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