Release 3.5.1

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Release 3.5.1

Postby Leif » Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:30 am

Release 3.5.1

Key enhancements

1. Batch import – enables users to upload a zip file containing multiple media or asset files.

2. Discussion forum – The forum is a public message board that fosters the SmartBuilder user community by allowing users to post questions, search the knowledge base, participate in threaded discussions, and subscribe to topic categories

3. Global events – There is new trigger (onPageEvent) and action method (fireGlobalEvent) that enables users to trigger an event on a page that causes something to happen on the Master page, and vice-versa. For example, you could include a completion tracker on the master page that is incremented based on user actions on other pages in a lesson.

4. Jump to pages based on name – previously, you could only jump to pages based on their number. The new method, gotoPageByName lets you specify the page name that you want to jump to. This is useful so that if you reorder or add pages to your lesson, your jump logic will be unaffected.

Key bug fixes:

1. Internal events triggered from hyperlinks were not showing up in the action list.

2. Sometimes when clicking on an operator button (==, =<, etc) in the condition section of an action, the stage would become locked so that you could not select objects.

3. The video object was not always firing onVideoComplete events.

4. When you clicked on a hyperlink to take you to a page, if you were currently on that same page, the page would go blank.
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