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Postby Leif » Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:56 pm

Key enhancements

1. Customizable lesson and media pre-loaders: User can select their own static graphic for their media pre-loader, and can create their own animated lesson pre-loader.

2. Input text search method – The input text object has a new method 'contains' which allows you to search its text for a word. This allows you to do open answer question scoring based on keywords. If a learner includes some keyword, or combination of keywords, then you can verify that answer as correct or incorrect.

3. Shared Library folder alphabetic sequencing – Folders in the shared library used to be sequenced chronologically. They now display alphabetically.

4. Double-click on stage objects – Certain objects have properties that are always configured such as a graphic's "select media" property, or a radio button object's "Edit answers" property. You can now double click on such objects and it will bring up the window for that most common property.

5. Object type icons in Action List – Each object type (button, graphic, display, etc.) has an icon associated with it. These icons are now represented in the Action List selection menus so that an author can see the name and type of that object.

6. Action List add/delete icon placeholders – The add/delete icons for an action section now have placeholders to help more novice users figure out where they can go to add or delete new action sections.

Key bug fixes:

1. The Flow Chart recorded condition indicators have been fixed.

2. The SDK naming convention and documentation have been updated.

3. The SDK replace feature has been enabled.

4. Several SCORM 2004 functions have been changed to resolve certain loading issues.

5. When downloading media, the .zip file generation process has been fixed.
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