SmartBuilder version 3.8 release notes

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SmartBuilder version 3.8 release notes

Postby Leif » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:20 am

New features:
  • Thumbnail preview for graphics, templates, and lessons - Now you can view your media and lessons at a glance, without having to use the preview functionality. When navigating through your content, you will see a panel at the bottom of the screen that displays a thumbnail and the meta-data description of the currently selected item. While this feature will automatically work with graphic objects, for lessons and templates, you will have to specify take a snapshot of the lesson in the state that you want it. You can use the "snapshot" button located near the "close" button to do this.
  • IFrame object - Now you can embed live websites in your SmartBuilder lessons. Simply specify the URL in the properties panel, or via the action list and you can create a window to the internet.
  • Improved object--based searching - Now "Where used" and "Actions Using This Object > All" finds variables and objects that are used in conditional statements, not just as Triggers or Responses. No more hunting through actions!
  • Name buttons and text objects more easily - You can now use the "<--" button to automatically change the Name property to the button label or text content. Organizing your content has never been this easy!
  • Rename multiple objects - You can highlight multiple objects of the same type and assign them a single Name property. They will all have the same name followed by a unique index number, starting from the top left object.
  • New automatic SCORM calls - You can report learner's responses to individual questions using the setInteractionResponse method. Index numbers are automatically taken care of, so all you need to worry about are the names of the questions, and the values that are sent. Also, you can set and return scores based on objectives by using the getObjectiveRawScore and setObjectiveRawScore methods.
  • Auto uncheck Start Visible property on displays added to flow chart - When Displays are added to the Flow Chart, their Start Visible property will be unchecked. The first display in your Flow Chart will automatically be visible because it is the active display.
  • Placeholder graphics - Empty graphic objects can be resized and will display their Name and Description properties directly on the placeholder. This will allow you to mock up or rapid prototype designs more easily. Then you can just upload your graphics when they are finished.
  • Export media list - Now you can export a list of all your media - graphics, audio, and video. This will create an HTML table with the Location in the lesson, Name, Description, Size, and file type (jpg, mp3, etc) of each piece in your lesson. Placeholder graphics (see above) will be included in that list, which can be used to keep your media organized. This feature can be accessed from "Tools > Export Media List" in the Work In Progress folder.

  • Flash 10 saving errors on large lessons resolved
  • Video objects "onPlay" and onPause methods working
  • Improved visibility of line between True and False responses in conditional actions
  • Visible plus and minus icons for conditional groups in Flow Chart
  • Countdown timer default sound set to "none"
  • Problems with assets being downloaded with published courses resolved
  • Able to "delete" (or un-share) templates from shared locations
  • Device font works with menu widget
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