Release 3.5.3

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Release 3.5.3

Postby Rob Penn » Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:53 am

Key enhancements

1. Text export – An “Export Text” button has been added to translation window. This launches a window containing an HTML table with all the text elements of the lesson. This can be pasted into a word processing program such as MS Word for spell checking, or can be used to facilitate translation of the lesson text.

2. Flow chart icons – Icons have been added to the flow chart to enable viewing of options (e.g. show/hide previous display, submit triggers) at a glance. This is useful to quickly identify flow chart inconsistencies.

3. Mute audio – A new method called setAudioVolume has been added to the Page Controller object. This can be used to mute the audio in a lesson.

4. Optimized saving – Lesson data has been compressed by up to 80% before being transmitted to the server. On slower PCs, the data compression step may take several seconds, but in most cases the faster transmission will more than compensate for this.

Key bug fixes:

1. The review window would sometimes display a page not found error in content frame where the lesson content was supposed to load.

2. If a user quickly clicked on a trigger (e.g. continue button) before a transition effect had completed, then the displays in the flow chart would disappear.
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