SmartBuilder 3.11 Release Notes

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SmartBuilder 3.11 Release Notes

Postby Rob Penn » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:37 am

Key Enhancements:

  • Enhanced timeline object: Various usability enhancements in the timeline window. Also, the audio of an audio timeline is now exposed in translation panel to enable using audio timelines within content that needs to be repurposed for different languages or audiences.
  • Master Page background color property added: If you want to use a solid background color instead of a background graphic, you can adjust the lesson’s background color in the Master Page properties.
  • Master Page objects fully visible: Objects on the master page are now fully visible on regular pages rather than being semi-transparent. This makes it easier to align page objects with master page objects and see the lesson as it will appear to the learner. It is also consistent with how master slides behave in PowerPoint, a tool with which most users are familiar.
  • The variables panel has moved!: To simplify the Design panel and make it easier to access templates, the variables panel was moved down into the Logic panel. This also provides more room to display variable names, so working with variables will also be easier.
  • “Select All Objects” feature added: You can now use Control + A to select all objects on the page including sets. This is a great enhancement if you want to adjust the location of all the objects on your page (such as after applying a template.)
  • Enhanced hotspot object: Shapes of hotspots can now be changed. Select from a standard shape list, or upload your own custom shape. In addition, hotspot and button objects now have a property where you can prevent the standard mouse cursor (an arrow/pointer) turning into a hand on a mouseover (thus giving away the location of the hotspot).
  • New Drag and Drop object methods: The conditional methods ‘getLastDragName’ and ‘getLastDropName’ have been added to give extra flexibility for drag and drop feedback. For example, you can now provide feedback when a drag object is dropped on a specific drop zone as opposed to just providing the same correct or incorrect feedback for each drag object.
  • Templates process enhancements: The Templates panel defaults open and the template application process has been simplified to reduce accidental use of linked templates.
  • Open items directly from the Shared Library: Now the Shared Library is easier to use for managing your content since you can directly open lessons and courses that you own directly from the Shared Library rather than having to locate them in your Work-in Progress or Published folders before opening them.
  • Enhanced Checkbox groups and Menu with Topics and Pages: You can now get and set the state of each object – useful for saving the state of the object across sessions when used with cookies or LMS.
  • Enhanced drop down list object: Additional properties added such as fill color, height and width. Drop down lists can also be programmatically enabled or disabled now.
  • Enhanced input text object: A “Scroller” property has been added. Also, the icon has been changed to reduce confusion with the basic text object.
  • Update ownership of multiple files: You can now update ownership of multiple files in any Home Window selection list.
  • New audio player styles: Super compact; Timeline Blue; Timeline grey orange
  • New video player style: Timeline grey orange
  • Paste in place: Instead of a Control + V which will paste your object with an offset/tiling effect, Control + Shift + V will paste your object in the exact coordinates of where it was copied.
  • 508 Courses: Courses can now be exported with 508 information for screen readers.
  • Offline version for Linux: Lessons can be run offline on Linux PCs.

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Menu with Topics and Pages: onAllVisited trigger method fires appropriately now.
  • Offline player.exe now shows preloader while launching
  • Global variables limited to 100 in templates to reduce unintentional duplication while working with templates.
  • Captivate files loaded through the Streaming SWF object no longer crashes authoring stage when using Internet Explorer (or any browser, for that matter).
  • When revisiting a lesson in SCORM 2004 LMS, will not mark as incomplete if it has already been completed (provided LMS does not hide completion status).
  • Multiple hyperlinks in text objects now working properly.
  • Offline player.exe file does not crash when SCORM calls are made (although of course SCORM and Offline content are still not designed to work together).
  • Audio object’s Volume property can be set in the Properties panel.
  • Flow Chart can be built extremely wide without breaking.
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