3.12 release notes

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3.12 release notes

Postby Nav » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:32 pm

  • Share your hosted content! SmartBuilder now hosts your published content. With just a single click, you can provide someone with a link to your lesson, or the code to embed your lesson on your website.
  • Media upload: Need to upload a single graphic or other media from your computer? Now you can do it in half the steps! Just double click on your object, and you'll have it in your lesson faster than you can say, "SmartBuilder rocks!".
  • Text break apart: Now you can paste several paragraphs of text into a single SmartBuilder Text Object, and then break that into multiple text objects! That means less switching back and forth between programs, and an easier workflow!
  • Duplicate objects: Need to duplicate some objects? Just select them, then hold down the Alt key while dragging them!
  • Save all global variables (SCORM or cookie): Now you can save and retrieve all your variables across sessions with a few simple actions, allowing you to more easily create lessons where the learner can pick up right where they left off.
  • Timer updated to allow hours: Creating a large, timed interaction or quiz, but want to give the learner ample time to complete it? Now you can!
  • Translate page names: Using the Translation feature and want to use the Menu object, or automatically show the page name on each page? Now you can!
  • Paste animation removed: We've removed the "falling in" animation when pasting objects to allow for speedier development on slow machines.
  • Increased line spacing: Now you can have better control over how your lesson looks!
  • Quick changing displays: Need to quickly move through displays? Now you can, by holding down Shift and using the left and right arrow keys.
  • New SCORM predefined methods: We've added 2 commonly used functions to our set of SCORM methods. Now when you need to setSuspendData or setLessonStatusToCompleted, you don't have to type in anything, making SCORM even easier to implement in SmartBuilder.
  • Video URL: Now you can host videos on other servers. Simply paste the URL of the FLV video in the new URL Property, and the video will be loaded in. This can dramatically reduce your lesson size and allow more flexibility with changing videos.
  • Video ending behavior: The video object has evolved and now has a property to allow you to stop on the last frame or the first frame.
  • IFrame improved: The IFrame object now allows you to use methods to simulate the browser's back, refresh, and forward commands.
  • IFrame improved even more: Got a YouTube video or other online content's embed code? Paste it directly into SmartBuilder using a new IFrame property. No more HTML assets or dealing with the library.
  • Autosave indicator: Want to know when that Autosave is going to kick in? With the Autosave, you now have a 10 second heads up.
  • sb3 source package: Download a complete lesson to keep the source files local. If you have an installed solution, this will also allow for easier support and troubleshooting.
  • Faster media selection window: We've trimmed down some extra processes to make media selection even faster.
  • getSelectedText: A new method for Radio Button objects allows for easier reporting and a more flexible object.
  • Navigation arrows improvement: Master Page controller navigation popup menu is bigger and easier to use.

Key bug fixes:
  • Video displays on stage, even without the controller visible.
  • Custom hotspots register mouseovers and clicking actions.
  • Video fixed to be more accurate with onPlay trigger (allows for better for video timelines).
  • Percent tracker numbers show up in publish mode now.
  • Text import now working with values such as "true" and "false", which Excel treats in a special way.
  • Question set scoring rounding to nearest percentage point before feedback shown.
  • Opening lesson from course window now creates WIP version. In the unlikely event that a lesson is not manually saved after opening it from a course, an
  • Autosave version should now be saved.
  • SDK objects now preload media. Most notably the Scalable Shapes object and the SWF Messenger.
  • Actions using SDK objects now do not show up red when first loaded.
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Re: 3.12 release notes

Postby Dan » Tue May 03, 2011 4:10 pm

A few days ago a webinar was conducted wherein new 3.12 features were shown. This webinar (along with the Q&A session) was recorded and is available to view here:

http://share.suddenlysmart.com/~webuplo ... alkthrough

Give the video a few minutes to load as it is quite large (60 mins).
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