Release 3.6.1

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Release 3.6.1

Postby Rob Penn » Mon Nov 19, 2007 2:54 pm

3.6.1 Release:

Support for PNG and GIF file types: - these have been added to the existing JPG and SWF file formats that are supported by the Graphic object.

Other Key Enhancements in 3.6 release:

1. Upgrade to Flash 8 - SmartBuilder will now publish to Flash 8 instead of Flash 7. This enables a number of the enhancements listed below.

2. Alignment tool - Upon multi-selecting objects, you can choose to align them left, right, top, etc.

3. Filters - Objects now have a "filter" property which allows you to add graphic effects such as drop shadows, borders, etc.

4. Page insert focus & enter key - When you click the "Insert page" icon, the page name input text field has focus, and pressing the <enter> key will submit the pop-up.

5. <SHIFT> selection - On selection lists in SmartBuilder, you can now hold <shift> and multi-select a number of items at once.

6. Previous page/ Next page buttons - On the Authoring Stage next to the page drop-down menu, you can now click the "Previous page" or "Next page" icons to navigate between pages.

7. Where used on variables - By selecting a variable in the Variables panel, you can click the "Where used" icon to find references to where that variable is being used.

8. Object menu icon added to set borders - You can now use the Object Menu icon to create actions and do a "Where used" on sets and subsets by using the object menu icon.

9. Duplicate display/questions enabled - The set border has a duplicate icon if you want to duplicate the current display or question.

10. Selection border enhancements - The object selection border (orange border) has been reduced in profile, and overlays the outermost pixel of the object. This helps with object alignment.

11. Drag objects shows object transparency - When you drag objects, you can see a ghost of the object.

12. Choose Response window enhancements - When you create an action using the Object Menu icon, the Choose Reponse window now allows you to name the action, and the selection button drills all the way down to the method.

13. Pre-load media capability - Graphics and audio can now be set to pre-load so that a page will not load until any objects on that page marked to pre-load have finished successfully loading.

14. Drag and Drop objects can map to multiple drop zones - When specifying the drag object's correct drop zone, you can now select multiple drop zones.

15. Questions sets automatic SCORM reporting can be turned off - A check box has been added to the Scoring property panel that will allow you to prevent the Question Set from automatically reporting the Raw Score to the LMS.

Key Bug Fixes

1. SDK objects can be added to displays

2. Question set objects can be added to the Show or Hide lists found within the Question Set scoring pass / fail settings.

3. The set isVisible method will report as false if the set is not visible.

4. The Page navigator will no longer have problems in really large lessons (over 70 pages)

5. FLVs are no longer pre-loaded. They are all streamed.

6. If you duplicate a page that was originally a duplicate itself, it will save properly.
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