Release 3.6.2

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Release 3.6.2

Postby Rob Penn » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:15 pm

3.6.2 Release enhancements:

1) Background property: The master page now has a Background property where you can specify a graphic that is on the bottom layer (below the page content) while the rest of the master page is on the top layer. This enables you to have objects such as menus or windows pop out on top of page level content, while still using a background graphic that doesn't cover up your page level content.

2) Master page visible when switching pages: The master page and background remain visible when switching between pages. When loading is required you only see the small loader in the center of the screen rather than having the whole page white-out

3) Pre-load optimization: The loading routine has been optimized so that all objects using the pre-load property appear immediately after the pre-loading is completed.

4) New fonts: 2 new metro style fonts have been added to the system.
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