3.13 Release Notes

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3.13 Release Notes

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Key Enhancements
  • New Template Catalog for faster template browsing: Now you can view all the templates in one easy place! Simply navigate to the Templates folder and view the Template Catalog rather than loading them one at a time. Also, the entire template catalog has been updated and includes dozens of new templates.
  • Reduced time before lesson Preloader shown: When loading a lesson, the Preloader will show sooner, informing the learner sooner that the lesson has started loading.
  • Video has cue points: No more coordinating the Video object and Timeline object to work together. You can specify cues directly in the Video object’s Properties, and use actions to sync captions or events with your video.
  • Video URL: Now you can host videos on other servers. Simply paste the URL of the FLV video in the new URL Property, and the video will be loaded in. This can dramatically reduce your lesson size and allow more flexibility with changing videos.
  • Search improved: Search is more inclusive of results. Search for partial word matches in your lesson titles.
  • Auto named objects: Shapes and Widgets are automatically named descriptively when added to the stage.
  • Button scaling: When using the “Custom” skin for Buttons, raster-type graphics will scale cleanly.
  • Number variable: Number variables have new rounding methods. Use “floor” to always round down to the nearest whole number and “ceiling” to always round up to the nearest whole number.
  • IFrame scaling: Lessons that use IFrames can now scale proportionally. The IFrame will scale within the context of the lesson.
  • Simplified download options: The download lesson dialog has been simplified to reduce confusion when authors are ready to distribute their SmartBuilder content.
  • Home Tree folder explanations: Descriptions of the various folders in your Home Tree (e.g. My Published Content, Templates, My Assigned Tasks, etc) have been added. Select the folders to read more about each section.
  • POST functionality: The Server Communication object has been improved to allow POST data (in addition to the previously used GET data).
  • New SmartBuilder Overview: An Overview has been added to guide new users through the process of creating a successful SmartBuilder lesson. New and veteran users can benefit from the information it contains. Look for it as soon as you login to SmartBuilder, or in the Help Resources section on the Home Window.

Key Bugs fixes
  • Local Variable values persist on the Master Page when the page changes.
  • Improved autosave handling (won’t lose data if connection interrupted).
  • RB answers onSelectionChange fires once per click.
  • Master Page audio no longer conflicts with Timer object.
  • Hyperlinks on authoring stage no longer log you out.
  • Improved special character handling in page names.
  • Batch upload duplication problem fixed.
  • Apply templates no longer reverts to last save.
  • Radio Button group no longer grows when page changes
  • Buttons now disable in regular state, rather than over state.
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