HTML5 Converter 1.1 released!

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HTML5 Converter 1.1 released!

Postby Nav » Fri May 17, 2013 9:15 am

Hello everyone,
The new version of the Converter is available for download -

  • Translation: The translation options hyperlink in the converter is enabled when the selected source (SB3) package contains translations. Users can choose which target languages to include in the HTML5 generation. A single package is generated containing all selected translations. A selection page containing a dropdown list allows learners to choose which language they wish to view.
  • Hyperlinks: Support for relative path hyperlinks has been added
  • Cookie object: These are now supported in the HTML5 output
  • Right to left language support (Arabic, Hebrew): HTML5 output can correctly render right to left text. Please contact support for assistance with this feature.

Key bug fixes
  • Check box spacing is tighter (closer to what Flash looks like)
  • Radio button / check box, line breaks no longer split up words
  • Check box randomization now works properly
  • Graphic sizing has been fine tuned to exactly match the Flash version. This was previously noticeable on wide thin graphics such as header and footer images.
  • Hotspots now work properly on Chrome/Android
  • Conversion of lessons created using the PowerPoint import now works. There was a bug caused by the format of bulleted text. These bulleted text objects are now discarded during conversion, but the conversion is able to complete. For a complete fix to allow retention of the bulleted text, a server patch must be applied. If you are on a dedicated SmartBuilder server, please contact support for help to apply the patch.
  • Timers stop at zero when counting down to zero
  • The feedback window in the converter tool was made more user friendly. This is an still open issue for IE.
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