HTML5 converter update 1.1.0-1

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HTML5 converter update 1.1.0-1

Postby Nav » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:19 am

An minor update has been released for the HTML5 converter. You should be alerted and automatically update the next time you launch the converter. However, you can also download the latest version from here -

Fixed issues

- Cookie object added - can now save and retrieve cookies.
- Certain lessons were missing images when converted, this has been fixed.
- "Input text > contains" method now works in the Flow Chart in Chrome.
- Drag and Drop object improved so that drag items can be placed anywhere on a drop zone.
- Flow Chart no longer has visibility complications when later nodes are set to Start Visible.
- Flow Chart looping bug fixed.
- Flow Charts with a deleted Question Set at the beginning no longer breaks the action engine.
- Flow Chart condition with CB answers no longer goes to correct feedback too often.
- Responses stored in the Else node of Flow Chart no longer fire when you go down another path.
- Responses stored in the Flow Chart no longer cause the Flow Chart to hang.
- Can click through Text objects to the objects below (hotspots, buttons, etc).
- Timer objects stops at 0 when counting down.
- getLastDropZone now reports accurately when item is dropped outside a drop zone.
- Fixes to the HTML5 Converter interface to allow View Lesson to work with SCORM.
- Bulleted text no longer defaults to black.

Known issues

- Hotspots with 100 percent transparency can still be seen faintly.
- Radio Buttons are anchored to the top in HTML5 but are centered in Flash.
- Radio Buttons and Check Box objects use the browser's default style, and cannot be customized.

Check out the latest and most up to date release notes here -
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