3.14 Release Notes

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3.14 Release Notes

Postby Nav » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:49 pm

3.14 Release notes
  • Table object added! Use it to create a background for organizing your data (use it in conjunction with text objects to hold text). How to use it - http://youtu.be/XmLHsyS3YRA
  • Input Text > onEnter method added. This allows you to catch when the learner hits "Enter" on their keyboard while in an Input Text object. Useful for updating calculations only after the user has finished typing, or for higher fidelity software simulations.
  • Check Box Answers > getSelectedText method added. This allows you to get the text of all the selected items in a Check Box Group. Useful for reporting learner answers in a human-readable format.
  • Menu with Topics and Pages enhanced to allow greater control over when the checkmarks show. Can be used to allow the author tighter control over when a page is considered "completed", and by extension tighter control over when a lesson is considered complete. http://help.smartbuilder.com/node/599
  • Improvements to SCORM Calls. setScore and setObjectiveScore simplified. Previously, some LMSs required additional SCORM calls for setScore and setObjectiveScore to work properly.
  • New Graphic Effects. New graphic effects have been added to allow more subtle shadows and glows. These can be found at the bottom of the Graphic Effect drop-down menu in the Properties panel and are called: Shadow offset 2, 3, 4 and Glow black and Glow white.
  • Unnecessary scrollbars no longer shown when lesson is set to "Scale proportionally".

Bug fixes
  • Data is no longer lost when templates applied shortly after a lesson is published.
  • Share URL only uses websafe characters (even if the lesson name contains non-websafe characters).
  • sb3array format is no longer lost when stored as text variables. Useful when storing the state of a Menu or a Check Box Group across sessions.
  • Video >onCuePointChange trigger method fixed so that it only fires once per cue point change.
  • Paste Coordinates bug fixed. If you use the Paste Coordinates option without anything selected, it will no longer attempt to relocate the entire page's content.
  • SCORM 1.2 upload error messages fixed. The time format for the "typical learning time" field is now in the standard format.
  • Drop Down List able to be set back to 0 selection. This is useful for allowing multiple attempts on questions.
  • Video cue points no longer need the controller visible in order to work.
  • Video total time now displays properly when using Timeline 2 style.
  • Logout save prompt fixed to keep data from being lost.

HTML5 Converter 1.2 Release notes - Download the latest version here
  • IFrame supported!
  • Error report generated when unsupported objects are detected in the lesson! - http://youtu.be/tdC5mqaVHso
  • Scrolling text works on Firefox.
  • Bullets no longer always default to black.
  • Input Text default text now displays appropriately.
  • Conversion process can now be cancelled.
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Re: 3.14 Release Notes

Postby Dan » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:37 pm

Happy to see progress! Couldn't be better timing with the Table object :D
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