Re-sync Audio in Translated Version

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Re-sync Audio in Translated Version

Postby neha.jain » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:20 pm


I am new to this tool. So far I have been able to change the text to the translated text and replace the audio as well. The problem is , syncing of the audio for the
translated version also needs to be adjusted. But I am unable to view the WIP version of that language, hence cannot see the timeline to make the changes in the syncing as per the translated audio without affecting the source version.

Please could you suggest a way around this?

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Re: Re-sync Audio in Translated Version

Postby Nav » Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:23 pm

Hi Neha,
Sorry for not responding sooner, I actually didn't notice it here. There is actually no way to do this at this time. The only other method that I could suggest is either not use a timeline object, and segment your audio into separate chunks and string them together with actions. Or, if you want to continue using the timeline object, to try to get your audio files to sync up perfectly (perhaps in a 3rd party audio editor, by adding blank sound).

Otherwise, I might recommend just creating a lesson, finishing it, save a copy and manipulate that lesson as a translation, basically avoiding the translation feature.

Hope that helps clear things up at least. Sorry that I didn't have better news, but with the current architecture, this just isn't possible.

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