Device Fonts vs Embedded Fonts

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Device Fonts vs Embedded Fonts

Postby candys » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:28 am

We are just now starting to put lessons in other languages. From a previous conversation I had with support, they said to make sure all the text boxes were “device” fonts vs embedded fonts. I’ve had a couple co-workers question that as from our understanding, embedded fonts are included with the lesson. And Device fonts use whatever is available on the user’s computer. Therefore, if the device font was not available, they would not be able to view the lesson text. And to complicate it more, we have a UX group that decides what fonts to use on the Internet for our “brand” look. So, I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind using device fonts. Is it possible to load the fonts we want for Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Thai, etc. and use them as embedded fonts? Or is it an issue of what fonts work with the translate spreadsheet feature? Could you send me some more details about how these fonts work and why they say to use devide fonts when translating lessons into other languages?
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Re: Device Fonts vs Embedded Fonts

Postby Nav » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:21 am

Hi Candy,
For general information, please watch this video for tips on translation -

To answer your questions specifically, we suggest Device fonts for Asian languages that have a large character set, like Japanese and Chinese (called doublebyte characters). You will find that there are Embedded Japanese and Chinese fonts in SmartBuilder that you are free to use. However, these often bulk up the lesson size (they can add up to 15mb to your lesson).

Plus if you are using Embedded Tahoma or something specific like that, you have to switch over to this Embedded Japanese font on an object by object basis when you go to translate your lesson, which will be tedious. If all your lessons are already to set to Device Arial (or something else that most computers will already have installed), then translating to these languages is a breeze.

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