Strange behavior when exporting text...

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Strange behavior when exporting text...

Postby Randall Smith » Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:45 am

I have a test lesson that I'm using to test the new text export feature for translations (Text export-import test). I deleted the lesson in my Work in Progress folder and opened the lesson from My Published Content so that I could test it some more using the previous version.

When I export the Spanish the Original Source Text and the Original Localization Text are wrong. They should both be in English and they should match since the lesson I exported from is that way for pages 1 - 10. Where is that other text coming from?
Randall Smith
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Postby Nav » Wed Jan 30, 2008 2:26 pm

Hi Randy,
I think I understand your question, but let me know if I don't.

There are 3 columns in the excel sheet
    - Original Source Text - This is just a reference. It will always be in English (or whatever language you originally authored the lesson in).
    - Original Localization Text - This is English by default. Once you change it into Spanish, it will be in Spanish. If you were to translate directly in SmartBuilder, and then export into excel, you would see your translations here.
    - Modified Localization Text - This is where you make changes to your translation.
I think the confusion lies in the fact that you haven't yet translated it into another language. Once you do, you'll see the original, the translation, and where to make changes to the translation. Here's a quick example:

Export the text.
First Time through
    Original Source - "Where are my boots?"
    Original Localization Text - "Where are my boots?" (this is automatically generated)
    Modified Localization Text - "?Donde esa mis botas?" (you input this as a translation)
Import the text. Then export the text again.
Second Time through
    Original Source - "Where are my boots?"
    Original Localization Text - "?Donde esa mis botas?" (this is the current translation)
    Modified Localization Text - "?Donde esa mis pantalones?" (you make this change to the translation)
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