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Blank buttons

Postby Dan » Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:02 am

The screencast video explains best, but for those that might be searching, I noticed that buttons are appearing blank after I imported translated text into my lesson. The weird thing is that not ALL buttons appear blank. Here's what I looked into:

1. Checked to make sure that translated text was provided in the correct xls cell - it was.
2. Checked to make sure that the buttons were set to device-arial - they were, but I noticed that the font size was displaying NaN instead of the font size that I selected.
3. Verified that I had created a custom translation target so that the imported spreadsheet would know where to go - I did this correctly and I can see that most of the translation text flowed into the lesson as best as can be expected.

Here's the screencast video:

anyone have any ideas about this?
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