Tab order for forms, both in application, and in lessons?

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Tab order for forms, both in application, and in lessons?

Postby Jolliff » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:15 am

Hi guys,

First, great application! I've been able to produce some really high-quality interactive content for customers that took me months longer in Captivate!

I have a question/feature request:

I've noted that when I click the Tab key on my keyboard, in most applications (and indeed on most websites), the focus is moved to the next logical object. In well-written sites and programs, this focus jumps from field to field, allowing the user to remain on the keyboard, rather than jumping back and forth between keyboard and mouse. In SmartBuilder, tabbing usually refocuses to the entire pop-up window, or to some other unexpected location, and any additional tabs usually are ignored/do nothing.

Realizing that flash may present some limitations in that regard, I wonder if you (or any flash guru member) could address this? Is this a shortcoming in the abilities of flash, or is this something that simply has not been considered previously?

As a fairly fast typist, I've got to say I could probably build much faster if I could focus on the first attribute of an object and just tab through its attributes instead of having to stop, click a new attribute, and type again.

It would also be really nice, if I were using SB to capture a learner's text entries (such as with a "let us contact you with more information" page), if the learner could also tab through my created form in a logical fashion, just as they would in a regular web-based form.

I realize this constitutes a pretty major feature upgrade, but I would consider it a big improvement to my overall development speed!

Just my 2¢!
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Re: Tab order for forms, both in application, and in lessons?

Postby Nav » Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:18 pm

Actually, as part of our 508 compliance, we have included a new "Tab Index" property that allows authors to specify the order in which learners can tab their way through interactive objects (buttons, input text fields, etc), and it should already be in place. While that is pretty self explanatory, look for documentation on how to use 508/accessibility options that will be released in the newest version of the User Guide shortly (it's brand new!).

As for tabbing within the application itself, that will take a little longer, and you may not see it until version 4. Thanks for the feedback!

- Nav
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