SCORM "Normal" action

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SCORM "Normal" action

Postby dawn.dickinson » Mon May 18, 2009 3:53 pm

Hello -
I have posted my 1st course to our LMS and once I have completed the course it is not passing to my completed learning list. We have contacted our LMS partners and they say the following:

"In this particular issue, I took a look at Dawn's interaction history. The problem appears to be that the course is sending back an "Exit Status" of "Suspend" which prevents the course from processing the rollup rules to see if the course is completed.
Basically a "Suspend" status means that the user is not done with the attempt and will attempt to revisit the content. The content needs to send a different Exit status, such as "Normal" so that the course knows that it's time to check if it's complete and move off if it is."

I used suspend/exit for the bookmarking to work properly, and it does work. I've tried a couple of things related to this "normal" status:
On the final page of the course I changed the SCORM API to LMSgetvalue = normal (then re-uploaded it and this didn't work)
I also tried: SCORMAPI setlessonstatus=normal cmi.completion status=normal (then re-uploaded it and this didn't work)

Have you experienced this issue? What are your thoughts on how to resolve it?

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Re: SCORM "Normal" action

Postby Nav » Mon May 18, 2009 4:49 pm

Hi, Dawn.
Thanks for posting this on the forum. I think the solution is relatively painless. You were on the right track, but just missing the correct command. The short answer is that you need a response with the following to come before your action where you set the lesson to "completed":
Response: SCORM API > LMSSetValue > "cmi.exit = normal"

The longer explanation is below. Excuse my poor grammar in the paragraphs below, as I'm trying to use the terms as they appear in SmartBuilder.

For the bookmarking functionality to work (remember the page the learner was on), we previously set the lesson status to "suspend". While a lesson is in "suspend", it cannot be marked as "completed", even if you tell it to be "completed".

If you remember, you set up an action that set the lesson to "suspend":
Response: SCORM API > LMSSetValue > "cmi.exit = suspend"

Right before we tell the lesson to be "completed", we need to get rid of the "suspend". So the solution is to set cmi.exit to "normal":
Response: SCORM API > LMSSetValue > "cmi.exit = normal"

You can add it to your other action as another response. Remember, setting the exit mode (getting rid of "suspend") must happen before you set the lesson status (to "completed"). Here's what your action will look like on the final congratulations page:

Trigger: Page Controller > onPageLoad
Response: SCORM API > LMSSetValue > "cmi.exit = normal"
Response: SCORM API > setLessonStatus > "completed"

Let me know if you run into any other issues.

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