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Exit Button

Postby Meredith » Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:24 pm

How can I create an exit button for my lesson that will send the Scorm commit (or suspend? not sure which is the right term) data to the LMS? We had some bookmarking issues with our last course so I want to make sure people exit properly.
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Re: Exit Button

Postby Nav » Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:41 pm

Hi Meredith,
We've already chatted about this, but just as a recap for the sake of anyone else interested, the template that we have should take care of this automatically.

Basically, as soon as the lesson launches, it sends cmi.core.exit to "suspend" for scorm v1.2, and cmi.exit to "suspend" for scorm v2004. This tells the LMS that when the lesson closes it should remember any data across sessions (such as the bookmark), and it's being set as soon as the lesson opens, so you don't have to set this up on an exit button.

Also, every time the page changes, it should update the SCOLocation (bookmark in the LMS), so as soon as you load Page 4, the LMS will retain that value until you either update it with Page 5, or you quit the lesson and come back in (in which case, it will have remembered Page 4).

If this template doesn't work with your LMS, we can take a look at your particular case.

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