LMSGetValue (cmi.interactions.0.student_response) problem

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LMSGetValue (cmi.interactions.0.student_response) problem

Postby Roland » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:06 pm

I want a learner to be forced to do a number of exercises once (one exercise per page) and then be able to come back to the lesson at any time and choose an exercises add hock.

I have used the the Menu template located in the Master Page Resources which has a Menu button. The intention is to place a Shape object as a mask over the Menu button which will be hidden once the learner has been through the exercises once. I want this to happen whilst they are in the lesson and when they reenter next time. To achieve it whilst they are in the lesson I assume I need a Global Event to communicate with the Master page and hide the mask. However to achieve the second part which will have the status stored on the LMS for next time the learner enters, when I try to communicate with the LMS using SCORM 1.2 with the LMSGetValue with the cmi.interactions.0.student_response I get an error message from the http://www.scorm.com LMS saying: LMSGetValue (cmi.interactions.0.student_response) failed. Element is write only.

Any suggestions?
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Re: LMSGetValue (cmi.interactions.0.student_response) problem

Postby Nav » Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:31 pm

Hi Roland,
This is a good question. But I suggest using a different method to do this.

On Page 3, set up this action:
Trigger: Page Controller > onPageLoad [or whatever trigger you want]
Response: SCORM/AICC > setSuspendData = "unlockMenu"

Then on the master page, create this action:
Trigger: Page Controller > onPageLoad
Condition: SCORM/AICC > getSuspendData == "unlockMenu"
True Response: [do what you want - update a variable, or directly hide the menu-cover]
False Response: [leave blank]

That should help. As the error message says, when you're using SCORM 1.2, you cannot retrieve interactions (since it is write only). But luckily, this is exactly what the setSuspendData is used for.

Of course, this is only for remembering between sessions. You'll need to set up a Global Event or something to unlock the menu immediately.

Let me know if you have any questions.

- Nav
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