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Delivering Courses via CD

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:28 pm
by Nav
SmartBuilder offers an Offline Delivery download option for Lessons, but not for Courses. Luckily, Courses can be used for Offline Delivery as well with just a few steps. Offline Delivery usually means delivery via CD, or, occasionally, from a shared network drive.

So we're all on the same page, Courses are simply bundles of lessons that are typically used for SCORM delivery. You can learn more about them here -

There are 2 methods for delivering bundles of Lessons via CD.

The first method actually does not use Courses at all, and is actually more reliable. It is to simply download each Lesson and choosing "Offline Delivery" and place these Lessons on the CD. You can arrange for movement between Lessons via relative paths with hyperlinks. For example, you could have a button in Lesson 1 that has a hyperlink on it to "../Lesson 2/player.hta".

The second method is to use Courses. As mentioned above, Courses are designed for SCORM delivery, but they do have a few handy features. One of those is a single object to download, and the other is a simple Table of Contents, which can be customized visually if you know HTML. However, there can be complications when using hyperlinks to point at assets or external webpages. This is due to browser security issues - the browser doesn't trust some content running locally to start pointing at files and opening them. From the browser's perspective, this could easily be malicious software. So if you don't have hyperlinks in your lesson (even to internal assets like a PDF), you can Download this Course. You will be asked what version of SCORM your LMS is using, and you can just leave it on the default (v2004).

Once you've downloaded the Course, you will end up with a zip package. Unzip the package and place the files from inside onto the CD. From here it would work if the Learner opened the CD and clicked on the "start_course.htm" or "start_coursefullscreen.htm" files. You can delete all the other folders from this directory except for the folders and the two HTM files. They're meant for the LMS.

But of course you'll want this file to autorun, so you can download this package, unzip it, and place the two files from there onto the same CD. This will attempt to automatically launch the "start_course.htm" file. If you want it to use the full screen option, you can right click and Edit the autorun.bat file to point to the other HTM file.

Note that different versions of Windows may react differently to auto-launching launching files, and may not always work. You may get a popup asking what you want to do with the CD, or it may run without This is not due to SmartBuilder, but rather the security settings on the PC. Note that if you click on the autorun.bat file, it does launch. You may want to include a readme directing the user to click on the "start_course.htm" file in the event that it does not actually autorun.

- Nav

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