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Successive activities in a Moodel based LMS

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:06 am
by tahiya
I am signed up for the SCORM training, but I am hoping to solve this problem before then.

I have a series of activities that I want to deploy in a Moodle based LMS. They generate points and the points are being correctly reported via the SCORM package.

What I'm missing is how to set the course up to correctly communicate percentages to the LMS. The activities are worth 8 points. 6 points is passing. I set the LMS to acknowledge 75% as passing, but the translation doesn't seem to be happening... Do I need to change the SB file to end up with a % grade? The learner only sees points at the bottom of the screen via a global event and all my variables are in point values.

Not able to open ./cache/data_global.php