Can SCORM be in a web version

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Can SCORM be in a web version

Postby jmudd » Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:30 am

Do you need to have two of the same lessons, one with SCORM settings and one without, in order to have a WEB and SCORM (output) version? Or can the lesson have SCORM settings included and be published as just a WEB or HTML5 version without the SCORM and still function properly? I'd like to not have to duplicate my efforts, especially if there are minor tweaks to be made later - - that way I only would have to fix one file.

Wondering if this would work for using the SCORM bookmarking template also - - if downloaded as just a WEB or HTML5 file without the SCORM.
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Re: Can SCORM be in a web version

Postby Nav » Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:04 pm

Hi Janet,
You can have one lesson that has SCORM calls. When you go to download the lesson, that's when you choose the version you want - SCORM enabled, or regular web.

More clearly - if you have a lesson that has SCORM calls in it, but download for Web, it won't hurt the lesson. Obviously, any SCORM-related features won't work, so if you're getting the bookmark or the students name from the LMS, it won't show up. But if you're reporting a score or lesson status at the end of an assessment, the assessment will function normally, but no score will be sent.

Additionally, if you're not using HTML5, and just looking to download the Flash version, you can just download the SCORM version. When you upload it to the LMS, the LMS will automatically look at the scorm.html file and it will work as expected. If you're viewing it outside the LMS, you can point to the player.html file, and it will work as if it were not a SCORM package.

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