Actionscript 2 or 3

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Actionscript 2 or 3

Postby monmouthrider » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:39 am

Hi, One of my clients has been informed by their LMS hosting provider about issues tracking SCORM progress on some Flash based courses if the learner is viewing with IE10 or IE11.
The issue is only arising with courseware generated in Actionscript 2 linked to Javascript. AS3 based courses are not affected.

Smartbuilder Help file is stating it is using AS2. Can you please confirm AS2 or AS3 so that I can advise my client about the impact of content I have previously created in Smartbuilder.


Trevor White-Miller
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Re: Actionscript 2 or 3

Postby Nav » Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:07 pm

Hi Trevor,
SmartBuilder uses as2. There was a problem with ie11 and the flash <--> javascript communication... However, we have resolved that by updating SmartBuilder to communicate differently. Many of our servers have this fix already updated, and only requires republishing the SmartBuilder lesson.

Remind me which server you're on (the login URL will tell me), and I can confirm whether or not that server has been updated. Also, of course, you'll want to test the republished lesson on the LMS to see if the issue we resolved is the same one that the LMS hosting company is reporting.

Basically, I would test an old lesson and see if it breaks. Then test a freshly published lesson and see if it works. That will be the best indicator.

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