Email widget...superfluous?

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Email widget...superfluous?

Postby Jolliff » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:45 pm

I'm a little confused by the email widget sample. It appears to be capturing the information and creating an email, but it's not actually sending it, just opening my email client and pre-filling the message. Is it possible to also automate the "send" command, so the entire process is handled on one click?
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Re: Email widget...superfluous?

Postby Nav » Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:30 pm

You are correct on your assessment of the email widget's abilities and its usefulness.

However, not much more can be done directly through SmartBuilder. As I understand it, unfortunately there's no way to embed email functionality directly in the lesson without communicating with the server where the lesson is housed. Any Flash pieces that send emails are really just talking to server-side scripting, which takes the data from Flash, and sends an email. So it's the server that sends the email, not the Flash piece.

If you want to allow learners to directly send emails without launching their email client (perhaps they are viewing the lesson at home or on a shared computer), the best way would be to set up an HTML form directly on the server. The learner can launch that, type in their email, question/comment, and anything else, and then that form will send off the appropriate email. From the SmartBuilder lesson, then, you can just link to that HTML form, and open it in a new window.

The HTML form would exist completely outside of the lesson with just a link to open the form. Hope that clears things up.

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