iFrames and Publishing

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iFrames and Publishing

Postby KevinF » Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:55 am

Hello again,

I just have two questions;

1) I am using iFrames in my lesson, I have youtube videos embedded in the iFrames and I followed the instructional video shown in the forum. I was just wondering, since I cannot preview the videos until my lesson is published, it says they will be shown above everything else, so I'm wondering does the "Start Visible" check box still work with the iFrames?


2) This is in relation to the first question, once I publish my lesson, will I be able to go back in and edit it as usual or once published does that mean it cannot be changed? This is very important as I have spent weeks on my lesson and it is due tonight so if I make a mistake before publishing I iwll not have time to start again.

Thank You so much for your time and effort,

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Re: iFrames and Publishing

Postby Nav » Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:34 am

Hi Kevin,
1. Yes. The IFrame will show up above everything, but it can be hidden, shown, and/or told to not start visible.

If you are using video or audio in the IFrame, note that hiding the IFrame will visually hide it, but it will still exist, and you'll still hear the audio. You can use the IFrame > setURL method to go to a blank page before hiding it, and go back to your URL when showing it.

2. Of course you can still edit it! I can appreciate your caution, though. Once you publish a lesson, it will disappear from your Work In Progress (WIP) list, but don't fret. It has simply moved into your My Published Content > Lessons list. Once you go to the Published lessons, you can view it, share it, or open it (this will create a new WIP version). You can edit and save your WIP lesson as much as you'd like, until you you get to another milestone and publish again. Whenever you Publish, your WIP version will disappear, since the most recent version is the Published. Your Published lesson will never disappear.

We actually recommend that you publish relatively often (maybe once every couple days or so if you're editing a lot) because you can revert back to any of the last 10-15 published versions (in case you accidentally something major and don't realize it right away).

Hope that helps.

- Nav
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