Audio for ADA compliance

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Audio for ADA compliance

Postby heidisutton » Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:36 pm

How would a person add audio to drag and drop interactions as well as questions sets for ADA compliance?
Also, can we make the audio optional (since it is for ADA compliance and we want the default to be 'off'?
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Re: Audio for ADA compliance

Postby tahiya » Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:08 pm

So I assume that if you are seeking audio it is for ADA compliance about visual impairment? I'm not sure about the combination of SB with screen readers. Haven't tried it myself but if the screen reader can identify an Activate audio button you could put it in each display.

My inclination would be to just create two slides, one with an audio active quiz and one with a non-audio quiz. Allow the learner to choose from the preceding slide which one they want to access. That way you don't have to create all these actions for each quiz question to start audio or not. You can just include the audio snippet in the display for the question and set it for autoplay and leave it out on the other version of the quiz.

** for more complicated tests: When using audio to prompt questions, take extra care with questions that have an item to which you ask the user to respond, like a picture or a graph. There are several ways to deal with this for visually impaired learners, but don't make the test simpler or less demanding just because it's hard to describe something without giving away the answer. One example: A map refers to the mississippi river and is part of a question about civil war era. Instead of saying this map shows the Mississipi river, orient the learner to the visual the way sighted people do without realizing it. This is map showing the contiguous states X, Y and Z. A representation of the Mississippi river runs horizontally along the map in the top third. etc. One good test is to have someone you know close their eyes, listen to your description, then look at the realia and tell you if you hit the mark or confused them.
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