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Postby jmudd » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:48 am

I saw how you can create and print a certificate that shows the students name, score and date. Is it possible instead of printing to have the option to email – and have the student enter the teachers email – since most of them will not have access to a printer in the school. We are trying to find a work-around to SCORM for the teachers to know how students are doing on the activities, since we cannot push SCORM in our LMS to various courses.
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Re: Certificates

Postby Nav » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:51 am

Hi Janet,
Thanks for posting these questions on the forum. Email is always a tricky one. Due to the architecture of the internet, a lesson (or webpage, or whatever) cannot send an email directly. An email has to come from the server, usually via a server-side script written in PHP, ASP, etc... From SmartBuilder, we can point to a server-side script and say "so and so finished such and such lesson" and the script can then send the email from the server with that information. So for the end learner, it is pretty seamless, but as you're implementing it, it requires you to have access to a server. We can even provide a sample script that does this, and a sample lesson that communicates with that script. However, you have to put that script on your server to receive that information, and then make sure that your server is configured to allow you to send that email.

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