Skip ahead in Audio-based Timeline Object

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Skip ahead in Audio-based Timeline Object

Postby Jim » Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:19 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to reading your suggestion regarding my idea. Thank you in advance. Here is the "big picture" of what I'd like to accomplish.

Trigger: Play Button = OnClick
Response: Audio Timeline = Play
Show = Next Button
Show = Fast Forward Button
Show = Rewind Button
Show = CC Button
Audio Timeline will play the audio narration, display narration text (captions), and display an image of who is narrating, which alternate (same as captions).

Trigger: Timeline = onEnd
Response: Show Display Set 1
Stop Timeline

Trigger: Next = onClick
Response: ????Go to a time in the Timeline and keep playing????. Must be able to click Next button to reach the End cue in the Timeline.
Condition: ????If End cue is reached then Response: Show Display Set 1

Trigger: Fast Forward button = onClick
Response: Go to End cue in timeline and stop

When I attempt to set the responses to the Timeline, I'm limited to play, pause, and restart. When I attempt to set a condition to the Timeline I'm not sure if Get CuePoint or Get Current Time will make the responses I want.

I've tried layering Next buttons that trigger a pause in the current timeline and start the next timeline, but that doesn't solve using the Fast Forward button and going to the end of the Timeline. In addition, I want all audio to start over from the beginning of the timeline, but there is no way to stop all audio and then start over. Lastly, I'm almost completely set in using the Timeline because of the show/hide cue points, and if there are other ideas I'd surely consider them too.

I'mm looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks, Jim
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Re: Skip ahead in Audio-based Timeline Object

Postby Nav » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:27 am

Hi Jim,
You might be able to get this work by segmenting your page into different displays, and creating a timeline for each segment. Then create buttons that go to the different displays. There might be some actions necessary to Reset the Timeline when you view a particular Display. See this video:

Other than that, you may want to look into creating a long steady animation in Flash, if you have access to it, and then using a SWF messenger to jump to certain frames.

SmartBuilder's main emphasis is on interaction, not animation. But I know we'll be redesigning the TImeline from scratch for version 4, and the ability to jump to certain places in the Timeline will be something we'll be focusing on.

- Nav
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