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Roll Over "Spasm"

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:26 pm
by Jim
I have a list of roll overs and I've noticed if I run my mouse over all three of them, from top to bottom or right to left, the roll overs will fire in sequence. Also, sometimes when I mouse over one roll over that roll over will "spasm" and show/hide, show/hide, show/hide multiple times.

Is there a way to configure the roll overs so that they only show/hide when the mouse actually lands on the roll over?

Not sure if the roll over "spasm" is the right word, or if anyone else has experienced this. Seems like a glitch I can't fix.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you, Jim

Re: Roll Over "Spasm"

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:57 pm
by Nav
Hi Jim,
There is no way to delay the rollover, because many times rollovers need to fire instantly in order to be useful. Similarly, the queuing of actions and the way that responses delay until transitions are finished are also very useful aspects of SmartBuilder's action engine. The only thing that I can recommend is to not use transitions with the rollover objects, and you shouldn't notice a problem with the objects showing up in the order that you rolled over them.

As for the "spasm", I'm guessing that whatever your rollover response (popup) object is, it is covering your rollover trigger (hotspot?). As such, your mouse is no longer over the rollover trigger, which counts as a rollout, and so you have the rollout action firing, which is to hide the popup, which reveals your mouse back over the trigger, which shows the popup, which gets in the way of the trigger object, and counts as a rollout... And this continues for some time.

I have two suggestions for this one. 1) If you can, move your popup so it is not covering the object that triggers it to show/hide. 2) If you cannot move it, instead change your Rollout Trigger! Instead of being on the Hotspot, make the rollout object your popup, whatever it might be (a shape, a text object, or if it's in a display, then the background shape). You might have to experiment with the exact placement, and the exact object that you want to use as the rollout trigger, but there's a definitely a solution to be found.

Let me know if anything was unclear or didn't work.

- Nav

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