Guides and Smart Snap

Guides and Smart Snap

Postby asimonds » Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:10 pm

A great feature for keeping consistent design across multiple pages or faster method of alignment than x,y measurements would be to implement a guide system with smart snap, similar to what is found in Adobe products. If you wanted to keep a certain amount of white space or area around the page it would be much easier to do this with guides rather than checking every object you place to make sure it was inside the area you want.

It would be great to also save guide templates alongside normal templates and apply them in different lessons.
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Re: Guides and Smart Snap

Postby Nav » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:22 pm

Thanks for this comment. I've created a How To video on this topic to show you what you can do currently in SmartBuilder since I think a lot of people might benefit from it. Please see the new video here -

- Nav
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