Debug Tool, feature request

Debug Tool, feature request

Postby gezebo » Mon May 19, 2014 3:50 pm

A really cool tool, would be for some kind of debug shell where I can trace and log code errors.
1. Buttons or HotSpots that do not trigger anything.
2. Actions that have missing trigger, or response. - Ability to delete all unused action items.
3. Broken Flow Charts
4. redundant code.(action items that do the same things as Flow Chart items.

The log would show not only where each call lives(page), but also what's wrong with the item.

Feature request: It would also be great to be able to apply style changes to all objects of the same type on Page/whole lesson/page range.
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Re: Debug Tool, feature request

Postby Nav » Wed May 21, 2014 3:44 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. We'll definitely be looking at including a debug tool, but the idea right now is to have it centered more on figuring out why things aren't working the way you expect at runtime (what values variables are at a certain point, which button triggers what action, etc), and not as much on cleaning up extra actions or extra buttons. We'll keep that in mind, though!

Similarly, we definitely will have some way to quickly make changes to the style of buttons or text throughout the lesson when version 4 is released.

As for finding actions that are broken, are you already aware that if an action once pointed an object, and that object was deleted, that action will be red - - but that is on a page by page basis, not a centralized panel. Similarly, if a Display is deleted that was being used in the Flow Chart, there is a visual cue for that as well - - Not quite what you were describing, but I wanted to make sure people seeing this post knew about these things.

Thanks again for your feedback!

- Nav
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