The Big Picture of e-Learning. How big is it? + link

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The Big Picture of e-Learning. How big is it? + link

Postby Leif » Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:02 pm

I was looking on the internet to find out just how big IS e-learning?

I know there's market numbers about the size of the corporate learning market, but I'm more wondering about the anticipated # of learners logging into an online learning course sometime over the next year. Any idea? That has to be a VERY large number regardless.


And while I was looking, I came across an article titled "E-learning: The Big Picture" which I found interesting. I especially like the concepts on pages 9 & 11, but overall, it raises this question of informal, social, web 2.0 learning. Obviously SmartBuilder is part of that, but how are you using social learning as well? I'd love to hear thoughts...
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