Action off a master page function.

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Action off a master page function.

Postby Erika520 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:44 am

I have a "glossary" button that is on the main page. I want the user to be able to click on that glossary button and pull up the menu to see the available glossary terms they can review. The definitions are kinda of lengthy so I was just going to have them go to a new page. But then if they hit the back button or close button from the definition page- i wondered if there was a way that it could take them back automatically to the page they were on, when they clicked the "glossary" button.
Basically, I think I need a variable that once they click "glossary" which is on the master page- it gets the page name- and then once they click the glossary term review it and then click the continue or close button, it's gets that page name and goes back to that page name. I know this might be stupid but that's the thought process I have on the action right now. If i come up with something else- I will definitely try that! But just thought I'd throw the question out there.
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Re: Action off a master page function.

Postby Nav » Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:21 am

Hi Erika,
Your idea would work. But why not just build it on the Master Page so you don't have to do fancy page jumping things? Unless it's a super complex glossary with multiple Display Sets, you could build it all inside one Display Set on the Master Page.

For your idea, here's what you could do. You would need a variable (number type, Global).

Master Page Actions
Trigger: Glossary button > onClick
Response: Global Variables > Number > pageToGoBackTo > setValue > Function > Page Controller > getPageIndex
Response: Page Controller > gotoPageByName "Glossary"

Glossary Page Actions
Trigger: Back button > onClick
Response: Page Controller > gotoPage > Function > Global Variables > Number > pageToGoBackTo > getValue

Hope that helps!

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