Drag and drop for a sequence of audio files

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Drag and drop for a sequence of audio files

Postby question » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:21 am

At the moment, we play a series of sounds for a subject. After, they are to select the target sounds from a larger pool and place them into the correct order in which they heard them. We were hoping to do this with a drag and drop. You would drag the text label of the sound you've heard into the correct spot. The crux is...can the subject ALSO click the text label to play the individual sound (before and after dragging)?

It's looking like we may not be able to do that with SB? Is that the case? I think I can reformat the task to not include a drag/drop...but we're so attached to the idea. :)

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Re: Drag and drop for a sequence of audio files

Postby Nav » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:22 am

Hi there,
Yes, this is possible (almost). It pushes the Drag and Drop object to the limits of what can be done. Technically, you cannot click on a drag item and have it do anything (expect have it be moved around). But you can place a little "play" button next to the item and when you click on that, it plays the sound (this can look pretty seamless with the graphical touch). You would need one play button near the origin of the drag item, and a second near each drop zone, and then use some actions to determine what is in the drop zone to play the correct sound.

Because we are in a transition period between Flash and HTML5, I have to ask - do you want this supported for mobile devices? If so, you would need the Pro account (for any HTML5-output), and it would be more difficult to build (because we have a specific object to help with complex Drag and Drops that is Flash-only).

So in summary, yes, it should be possible with a slight modification to your design. How easy it is to build depends on if you wish it to be mobile-friendly, and how many drag items (your sound pool) and drop zones (the correct sequence) there are. I can go into more detail once I know these things. This kind of complex behavior is exactly the type of thing that SmartBuilder excels at.

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