Secure your FLV Videos from Download

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Secure your FLV Videos from Download

Postby jmalatino » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:53 pm

Some SmartBuilder authors may want to keep their videos secure from download since there are a number of popular browser add-ons that allow website viewers to easily download the FLV videos presented.

There is a way to accomplish this and still have full control of your video, via actions, in SmartBuilder.

You can upload your videos to an RTMP video streaming service and use the new RTMP video player object.

There are some serious benefits to having your videos hosted in this way. There is the fact that your videos cannot be stolen from your lessons. Your lesson saving, publishing and downloading size no longer contains the data needed for the videos. This will reduce the data footprint of your lessons in your delivery environment as well as in SmartBuilder. Another benefit is that if you have edits you can just replace your RTMP video on your RTMP site and there is no need to re-publish your SmartBuilder lesson or re-upload that lesson to your LMS or other delivery environment.
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