print certificate (almost) full A4

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print certificate (almost) full A4

Postby BarMan » Thu May 09, 2013 5:10 am


I let the student print a certificate in my (landscape) lesson.

A landscape certificate is printed (almost) full A4 size but after I added an swf for background, I cannot get it printed landscape, only portrait. Setting any printer to landscape doesn't change this. This means I get half of the certificate on my (A4) paper. (I tested with Chrome)

I changed the certificate to a portrait version. It is now fully printed, but scaled to about half of the A4 paper size, centered. Scaling up the displayset brings no changes: the certificate is still printed about half A4 size and centered on the page.

How can I set up a portrait certificate which is printed (almost) full A4 size?

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