Menu without Popups Object resizing upon return

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Menu without Popups Object resizing upon return

Postby rkhporter » Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:23 am

Hello! I have added the Menu without Popups object to page 2 of my course. When you first view the menu of page 2, it looks great. However, if you go to another page and then go back to the menu page, the menu has expanded (behind the buttons at the bottom). Any ideas why and how to fix? See attachments for a visual.

Thanks in advance!
menu - initial view.PNG
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menu - upon return.PNG
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Re: Menu without Popups Object resizing upon return

Postby Nav » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:56 am

Hi Katie,
I haven't seen that before! But I've also never seen a menu on a regular page before - they're always on the Master Page. I would move your Menu to your Master Page because right now, there's no way to properly keep track of the pages you've visited (that Page Controller > onPageLoad and Page Controller > onPageChange trigger won't work on regular page. In fact, Page Controller > onPageChange shouldn't even be available from a regular page, so this probably came in from a template, right?).

If you try it the way it is now, you'll see that the Menu isn't updating as you progress through the lesson, because it forgets what has been checked as soon as you leave the page, and then when you go back to Page 2, it will only check that page (because that's the current page).

Anyway, who cares why it's being weird. To fix this, I would delete the Menu from this page, and put it on your Master Page. Then you could either:
- Delete Page 2, and just have the Menu as a pop up resource on the Master Page that is accessible from any page (this is the traditional method)
- Keep Page 2, but it stays blank. Then set up a conditional action on the Master Page so that when they are on Page 2, it shows the Menu (which is really on the Master Page), but if they're on any other page, the menu is hidden. The result will be the design you currently have (but behind the scenes the Menu is really on the Master Page).

If that is confusing, please start a support chat, and I can show you how to set this stuff up.

- Nav
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